Floor Coating Melbourne

Floors in factories, shopping centres and carparks carry a lot of traffic. If you’ve got a floor coating in Melbourne or beyond that needs some TLC, we can help. Managing your project from end to end, we can:

  • Grind the floor to remove existing coatings
  • Apply a new hard-wearing coating
  • Complete line marking, if required

We offer a range of quality, non-slip coatings including epoxy, solvent or water based, which deliver an attractive aesthetic, improved OH&S and are easier to clean.

With the ability to work around the clock and organise traffic management, we can apply new floor coatings in busy factories, shopping centres and carparks without disturbing business as usual.

Our Customers

We’ve completed successful floor coating projects in Melbourne and beyond for:

  • Secure Parking
  • Oaks Hotels
  • McCain Foods
  • Melbourne Grand Prix

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